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People, planet, profit: inter-dependent abundance for an inter-dependent eco-system

Our financial system is blatantly and notoriously rotten. It is no secret that the global economy has been hijacked by corrupt dealings between political, corporate, military, media, legal and financial powers invested in personal gain, with little commitment to the well-being and integrity of people and planet.

Under the guise of high sounding phrases like 'free market', 'equal opportunity', 'legal imperatives', 'security', 'free speech', 'growth' and 'jobs', the resources of the planet and of the average person are being systematically funneled into the pockets of the privileged.

The wealthiest can often be found in industries responsible for artificially creating crises, and fixing them with solutions that only further fuel the corrupt system. The dire state of people and planet, and the statistics of distribution of wealth in the world reveal the extent of the corruption and abuse of power that has monopolized our current economic system.

Most of our current global crises are directly related to our sophisticated, corrupt financial system built on a strategic process of legitimizing falsehood and manipulation. The booming financial market dazzles and blinds us with speculation and seduction. It sells lies, suffering, disease, violence, fear, war, lust and greed. The big industries, most responsible for harming the planet, do this by working together to create a spiral of addiction and dependence on their products and services.

The military system fuels addiction to fear, violence and war in order to sell armaments. The petrochemical industry drives addiction to fossil fuels as our primary energy source and to chemicals used in food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetic and other household items that are advertised as essential to our comfort and well-being.The technology industry creates artificial dependence on its hot new products. Media and the advertising industry are an essential part of the system, designed to sell dangerous ideas and products under the guise of direct pathways to security, wellness, beauty, bliss and immortality.

The genetically modified food industry is buying up and contaminating land worldwide in a bid to monopolize the food industry. The food industry inserts chemicals additives into manufactured food to create addictive flavors and then fights for the legal right not to reveal the dangerous ingredients often legally advertised as "natural" and "healthy". These chemicals create illnesses that are then supposedly "fixed" by other chemicals developed by the pharmaceutical industry.

The corporations together invest in suppressing information about healthier alternatives to the products they offer. In many cases they coopt the scientific industry to carry out rigged studies, and then work together to promote disinformation that keeps consumers wanting more. And so on and on and on, we find ourselves creating endless cycles of dependence on products sold by the corporations allowed by the governments who we elect and collude with to co-create our shared reality.

One of the core strategies of the economic system is to distance people from their direct connection to nature. Media and education systems are designed to distance people from their direct experience of learning with and from nature about the natural path to cultivating food, health, energy, infrastructures, community, healthy eco-systems and a healthy planet.

The technology and entertainment industry is heavily invested in creating "selfie" cultures of people interested in very little beyond manufacturing and capturing their own perfect image, and with little interest in the injustices happening behind the scenes to people, animals and the land in producing the products.

In the name of urbanization and progress, land is systematically taken from those who live in integrity with nature and whose families have worked the land for centuries. The land is then considered to be owned by nation states and corporations invested in maximizing profits for the privileged and with little concern for the far reaching consequences of abusing our natural environment. The interested parties then invest in massive media campaigns to present this plunder as progress. They invest in lobbyists to legalize their agenda, in the media industry to sell their agenda and the military and police to enforce their agenda. They also invest billions of dollars to delegitimize and ridicule the organic, and green products and natural health products derived directly from nature.

And as the legal system becomes increasingly owned and manipulated by the wealthy for the wealthy, the security systems put in place to protect people from abuse, become instead the system used to enforce the abuse, and to quell any information that goes against the political and economic agenda. Alongside the police and military is the legal system that cements this agenda. The "justice" system has now become increasingly owned and manipulated by the wealthy for the wealthy.

With more and more promises of fixing broken economies, based on falsehood and corruption, the growth economy is revealed as nothing more than a way of siphoning off human and planetary resources into the hands of a few families, whose accumulation and abuse of wealth is considered legal, despite its illegitimate premises of control and abuse.

We are indoctrinated to believe that the path of competition among peoples, corporations and nation states is the only legitimate way - that this is human nature - that the authorities are doing what is possible to create a better world, and that with a bit of extra work, one can move up the social ladder and eventually join the coveted elite club that are buying up land and resources for personal gain.

There have been attempts to contribute to a new financial system for instance by creating innovative currencies like bitcoin. But these systems quickly fall into the hands of those that want to prey off the economy for personal gain at the expense of others. This will continue to happen if we do not organize the system around a new unifying purpose and life-enhancing principles.

Creating healthy local and global economies is not about tweaking the rules but about creating an entirely new system - a system that puts the planet and all its inhabitants first. It means moving from cancerous growth economies that leech off life, to organic economies that invest in life. It means creating a powerful network of like-minded people and organizations from across the world dedicated to the well-being of the planet as a whole and that uses social media networking to form an impenetrable grid of honesty and justice to articulate a more viable pathway forward.

Living in harmony and resonance with nature, and learning directly from nature about security, food, health, creativity and community is the best way to cultivate integrity of people and planet. For local and global health and vitality, the economy must respect and align with the intelligence of nature with its exquisitely diverse mutually enriching eco-system that knows how to allow each species its accurate space and nourishment in a way that achieves maximum balance and wellness for all.

While we may be one of the most recent species to evolve, we still need to learn from nature what all other species already know - and that is how to live in abundance with nature and not against her or at her expense. The organic holographic eco-economy entails developing a simple value exchange system that follows the principles of mutual nourishment in nature.

The first simple and far-reaching principle of a holographic organic eco-economy is that it invests in what is vital to the diverse interconnected parts of the whole and disinvests from any activity that depletes the vitality of people and planet. It sounds painfully obvious, but we clearly have a lot to learn about it, and not much time to do so.

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