By: Shelley Ostroff

Edited: Kelly Schlesinger

Deconstructing Democracy

Co-Creating Eco-Governance

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Part 3 - Co-Creating Eco-Governance - Coming Soon - Please see videos and Power Point presentation

and CHE the Citizens for a Healthy Earth Movement

Democracy and Beyond

Deconstructing Democracy was written as a response to global events and to a series of “democratic elections” across the world that ushered into power, governing parties increasingly antagonistic to the so called democratic foundations of freedom, equality and justice. Scanning the record of democratic countries worldwide, it was hard to identify any one country that could truly shine the democratic values they claim to uphold. All seemed, to some extent or another, to have sold out to incentives of profit and power and the exploitation of people and planet. And yet, mainstream conversations continued to idealize democracy as the royal road to healthy governance. The dissonance between the ideal and the real catalyzed this exploration into the fundamental flaws of the democratic system.


Deconstructing Democracy is the first part of an evolving process that seeks to unravel some of the myths and challenges of the democratic system. It has been published on the website www.togetherincreation.org and is available for download as a pdf in order to contribute to new ways of thinking about the history and future of governance.


The second part of the exploration is the work of Co-creating EcoGovernance. It is not sufficient to resist that which is not working. For healing and transformation, it is essential that we articulate a new form of governance that responds wisely to the challenges and opportunities of our time, and integrates evolving knowledge and wisdom in life-enhancing ways.


Co-creating Eco-Governance is a work in progress. Eco-governance is founded on the notion that the only legitimate purpose of governance is to cultivate the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come. Inspired by the rich tapestry of emerging wisdom, Eco-Governance seeks to offer a framework, organizing principles and 3 structure for a new way of organizing ourselves as a species on the planet.


You can also learn more about co-creating eco-governance as it evolves on the website. With blessings for the wise transition to a new and healthy form of global eco-governance.


Shelley Ostroff, (PhD)

Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond . . .

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