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Awakening Lion-hearted Leadership on the Planet – the Global March for the Lions, March 15th 2014

An unusual and powerful event awaits us this weekend. A massive roar will be heard across continents in over 55 cities all over the world, as people gather to march for the freedom and safety of the endangered and suffering lions and lionesses on the planet.

On the 14th and 15th March people across the world will protest the madness and criminality of South Africa’s canned lion industry that is threatening the integrity of the whole eco-system and taking human morality to tragically new lows. In alignment with the anticipated global shift in consciousness predicted for the end of 2012, 2013 witnessed a huge surge in earth and animal rights activism.

In 2013 the heightened awareness of and protest against the ecocide of the planet went hand in hand with massive information leaks of government and corporate corruption across the world in dictatorships and democracies alike. It seems fitting that the march for the lions comes at a time when the leadership crisis on the planet is at its peak. In our tragically and artificially divided world, leaders are proving themselves to be either painfully partisan, corrupt or inept at looking after the shared environment on which all diverse parts rely in order to thrive.

Throughout time the lions have mythologically and intuitively been recognized as the true majesty and leadership of the land animal kingdom. As apex predators they do not abuse their power or position. Instead they cultivate on a very sophisticated and intricate level the energetic blueprint of mutual nourishment and radiant harmony in diversity. Unlike many human predator leaders, they do not take more than what they need, and when they thrive, other animals thrive and the entire eco-system thrives.

Given that science is now attending to the unseen quantum dimensions of existence there is increasing acknowledgment that in our interconnected environment the vibrational impact of each part of the system is not only local but global as well. As apex predators that hold the majestic energy of vitality, radiance, harmony in diversity, courage and generosity, the vibration of the lions and lionesses impacts not only their local environment, but the planetary ecosystem as a whole.

The South African canned lion industry steals cubs from their mothers and from their natural habitat. Then under the guise of them being orphaned, the industry creates a lucrative petting and/or walking with the lions business that allows volunteers and tourists to get close to these magnificent creatures. In adulthood, these lions and lionesses now habituated to safe human contact are let loose in enclosed areas so that a person can pay to shoot these unsuspecting majestic beings for money and gloat over their ill earned trophies.

It is not coincidental that in an interconnected world, when the lions and lionesses of the planet are taken from their natural habitat, caged, abused and killed, that the natural leadership and order of all the animal world, including that of humans, is overturned and the planet fragments further and further into chaos.

We are discovering that the whales, the dolphins, the bees, the scarabs, the eagles and the lions like many other animals are crucial in modulating the vitality of the planet as a whole. If they suffer, the whole planet suffers including of course the human species. We can no longer afford to live with the outdated illusion and indoctrination of our separateness from the rest of life. This is as absurd as the notion that the different parts of the body function separately from each other.

Scientists are acknowledging that we are interconnected and interdependent with all parts of creation on an invisible quantum level and that the entire planetary system functions as one holographic living body. When we hurt or contaminate any part of the body it impacts the entire body and not only that area where the symptom is located.

Each animal plays a vital function in the dynamic homeostasis of the entire eco-system. In the same way that damage to the heart or to the brain impacts the whole body, so the damage to the apex predators who regulate the whole system is all the more critical. When we destroy them we damage the system as a whole.

Our attacks on the animal, vegetable and mineral world has the same characteristics of the auto-immune system diseases that are plaguing the planet. One part of a living system destroys another part of it because it is mistakenly identified as a foreign body. As human consciousness shifts to integrating the notion of ourselves and the entire planetary system as one interconnected holographic organism, so the integrative lion wisdom reawakens on the planet.

The roar of the lions and the lionesses at this time comes to teach us of our fundamental interconnectedness with all that is. It points to the imperative of calling forth and honoring planetary leadership that cares for the whole planetary eco-system by cultivating the qualities of mutual nourishment, accountability and kindness so that all beings may flourish.

By Shelley Ostroff

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