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The Climate Code and Consciousness

Orchestrating the seasons, the climate code has evolved with life over billions of years. Like a loving alchemist, it weaves the relationship between earth, air, fire and water giving the gift of life to the planet and all its inhabitants. This intricate and vastly complex intelligence nourishes the healthy relationship among all parts of our interconnected living system.

We have taken the climate for granted. We have interfered with this extraordinary code of creation and created havoc in the system. The devastation from climate change reflects humanity’s neglect of the subtle web of life. It is a disease of dishonoring relationships - a result of a mindset of separateness, privilege and domination. In this sense climate change is a harsh and powerful master – an evolutionary wake-up call to learn from the climate code about healthy, honoring consciousness.

Like symptoms in the human body that reveal much about our individual state of mind and habits, global warming is feedback reflecting our collective state of awareness and the impact of our behavior on our collective body. Our stance towards the earth is a parasitic, cancerous one and can be likened to an auto-immune disease that attacks parts of the self it fails to recognize as self. In an interconnected world, it is inevitable that we will be destroyed together with that which we destroy. There is no “other” place to which we can export our destructiveness.

As science begins to attend to the subtle dimensions of existence we realize how little we know about the interweaving of all parts of creation. We know that the forests can be seen as the lungs of the planet. Similarly we can imagine that the minerals, oils, oceans, animals, birds, micro-organisms also have vital planetary functions. The climate code does not follow artificial human-made borders as it regulates and nourishes all parts of the ecosystem creating conditions for life to thrive.

In the face of the climate crisis, environmentalists are calling for the immediate termination of the fossil fuel and animal agriculture industries considered the primary causes of climate change and planetary devastation. Both industries are examples of our ruthless and irresponsible relationship with the earth. The end of these industries is a prerequisite for reversing climate change but it’s not enough. The disease of climate change stems from the underlying mindset driving all industries that go against life. It is the mindset itself that must be uprooted and replaced. As long as there is a mindset of oppression and exploitation in the system there will be disease.

Our political and economic languages are not languages of life and we cannot pretend to heal the climate using these life destroying frameworks. It has been recognized that the “sustainability approach” cannot be effective in reversing climate change.

The term sustainable development is rooted in the mindset of separateness, domination and exploitation. While many are using the term in innovative ways for the good of the planet, the mainstream argument often focuses on how to continue take from the earth as much as "sustainably" possible while giving back as little as possible. Policies overtly work towards managing the inevitable harm from this exploitative stance while leaving the foundational mindset of the system intact. The approach does not work to eliminate compromise, competition and oppression. It addresses symptoms of the disease while leaving the cancer in the system.

A so-called “sustainable” outcome is to a large extent informed by science and ecology but negotiated primarily on the basis of economic and political interests. Such outcomes are often the results of deals between leaders of countries and corporations working for personal, national or corporate gain at the expense of the whole. Policies are generally crafted in the form of long term targets with legal loopholes that privilege those in power and perpetuate the imbalance and disease.

Thriving evolution

The thriving evolution approach is one that honors nature's wisdom and strives to learn from nature and align with it. The approach is based on the understanding that the the health of the planet is our collective priority, that the well-being of all parts of the whole is interdependent and that we share our destiny with all species. It follows the wisdom of ecological experts, indigenous leaders and system healers and puts ecological consequences at the heart of all decisions. It focuses on uncompromising immediate action dedicated to eliminating all disease and cultivating 100% health. It works with the healing and replenishing wisdom of nature, striving to leave the planet richer for having been here.

Healing the climate means no less than creating a global oppression free zone with an entirely new form of global governance dedicated to serving the planet and all its inhabitants without privilege or prejudice. It means moving beyond artificial human boundaries of nations and countries to come together to heal and cultivate the shared environment on which we all depend. The technology and expertise exist. It is now a matter of organizing around this principle.

It is clear that addressing climate change from the framework of sustainability on the one hand or of thriving evolution on the other will bring about entirely different outcomes. We can no longer pretend that partial solutions, delays or compromises will suffice. We have caused a life-threatening disease to our living environment and now face the sixth extinction. Either we honor the invisible ties that bind us and focus on transforming our behavior, or face our own extinction.

The devastation caused by climate change is jolting us into a more profound awareness of our part in creation. The only path forward is a radical one - and it depends on the love, courage and commitment of each and every one of us to transform our mindsets and take action now. Ultimately, when we learn to honor the intricacies of this extraordinary code of creation we will also be able to heal our relationship with each other, with all species and with life itself.

Two short videos and link to the climate gallery honoring this extraordinary life code:

You can read and sign the manifesto

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