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The only viable economic system is based on honoring value exchange with the planet.

At the end of the day the only viable economic system must be based on what value we receive from the Earth and what value we offer back to her.

All our resources come from the planet, yet we have created governments as mediators between people and nature. Governments with their corporate links function as parasites, leeching off both people and planet to funnel resources into the pockets of a few. There is no healthy value creation or honoring value exchange with the earth whose riches are stolen, abused and depleted for short term gain of those in power. Money is created by literally siphoning off the energy of the earth and all its species including that of citizens enslaved to an artificial tax and debt structure.

The place of government and corporations between people and the natural environment has created a situation where people are disconnected from their intuitive, unmediated relationship with nature. The way in which the lucrative processed food industry mediates between people and what is on their plates, is an example of this dangerous mechanism. Many people have no access to direct food from source, healthy food or basic understanding of the relationship of food to nature . This means that we have lost the wisdom of honoring and replenishing the source of all our sustenance. To heal the damage, it is essential we transform the fundamental mindset and the manipulative structures it generates.

We are still managing the planet with an outdated mindset of domination, separateness, hierarchy and privilege even though science has shown that the planet and all its inhabitants function as one interconnected living system. In healthy natural Eco-systems, each part of the system does not function for its own benefit alone. Instead, each part functions as a unique, valuable part of its environment - nourishing and being nourished by the system on which it thrives. To upset that delicate balance of reciprocity is to go against life and will inevitably generate the endless chronic human and environmental crises we face today.

It is tragic and criminal that our governance systems are driven by bureaucratic thinking based on financial interests and not founded on the wisdom of healthy living systems. We are functioning like an auto-immune disease attacking the very body that sustains us.

The domination mindset that sees human and planetary resources as something to be owned and exploited for the benefit of privileged humans creates a culture of cruelty and disease. A mindset that is built on the intelligence of living systems cultivates an honoring balance of giving and receiving. The result is the rich harmony in diversity that we see in nature.

Just as we do not see parts of our own bodies as expendable resources to abuse and damage for short term gain, so we cannot think of the parts that make up the planet as expendable resources to extract and deplete without consequence to ourselves or life itself.

We can no longer afford to think of natural resources as belonging to any particular country or corporation, any more than we can think of the lungs existing for the benefit of the respiratory system alone. We need to collectively take a stand on preserving all planetary resources and develop sound global policies that protect all natural resources from contamination and depletion.

Countries are built on artificial human made boundaries that do not reflect anything of the interconnected functioning of the living planet. Ownership of land for one’s own benefit is a concept that goes counter to health and life itself. The only viable role of people who live in areas rich in planetary resources is to use those resources wisely and compassionately while replenishing and cultivating them for the health of the planet as a whole.

We can no longer afford to think of animals and plant species as movable or expendable when they play an essential part in maintaining the diversity and wellness of the entire system. We can no longer afford to believe that the damage caused by chemicals in any local area can be contained within that local area. We can no longer assume we can build and use nuclear energy or test weapons in oceans in any one location without seriously endangering all of life.

It is equally absurd to believe that our personal resources – our individual abilities are bestowed on us for us to use for our benefit alone. It goes against the intelligence of nature to hoard at the expense of others. In all of nature, unique abilities are an essential part of life’s interdependent diversity. Other species and indigenous communities have mastered this mutually nourishing give and take with the environment. If we do not balance what we receive with what we replenish, we become parasites.

The fact that governments and large corporations mediate the give and take with the planet in a way that depletes and destroys the environment is an abuse of power, a violation of the earth and all species and is counter-productive to human survival.

We need to urgently educate about the interdependence of planetary resources. We need to ensure that policy makers are experts in eco-system health and policies are based on the principle of maximum health for all. Green energy sources, ecological building and transport solutions, sustainable organic farming techniques already exist. There is no moral or sustainable justification for any more abuse of any planetary resources. The notion that people are dependent on large corporations for jobs is a lie that feeds the culture of privilege and excess.

The First Nations in the United States always considered the impact of their decisions on the next seven generations. As global citizens, we need to adopt this long term decision making factor immediately. The notion of political compromises with delayed timelines is a manipulative mind game that enables the continued plundering of the environment. It is part of the deceptive web of corrupt legal politicking of those buying up and enslaving the entire system.

We need to move beyond planetary compromise based on political and financial power. Why compromise on how much we can "legitimately" poison the earth, and ourselves when healthy solutions already exist? This is akin to considering how much cancer to leave in the body for short term benefit. It is only greed keeps existing healthy solutions from being implemented immediately. It is the whole system experts, in council with indigenous leaders and healers that need to drive policy now and not the corporations and politicians who know and care little about how life functions.

The health impact is NOW. The deadline is NOW. We need to put the absolute and uncompromised health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants as the only organizing principle for all human activity. Anything else is criminal and parasitic. Our only real partner for negotiation is life itself and life will not compromise with us.

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