Global Healing Ceremonies

Healing Women ~ Healing Water is a series of global healing ceremonies that honor the essential bond of Women as carriers of Life, and Water as the Source of Life. The first Healing Women ~ Healing Water took place on February 5 & 6, 2020, supported by Global Silent Minute and in partnership with the UNITY EARTH Holy Land Living Water pilgrimage. 


The ceremonies also focus on bridging the spiritual with the practical as we hone our collective intention and action towards co-creating the cultural and environmental conditions for all Women and all Waters to thrive ~ for we know that when Women and Water thrive, all parts of the whole planetary biosphere will thrive.

In this light, Healing Women ~ Healing Water invites participants to join hands, heads, and hearts around the Codes for a Healthy Earth. The Codes are guided by Feminine Wisdom and work uncompromisingly to support the healing of Women, Girls, Waters, and all of Life.

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 Online Global Healing Ceremony ~ Holy Land, Living Water, 5 - 6 February

Online Global Healing Ceremony ~ World Water Day, March 22

Water Blessings from the Community

By Reiko Nakanishi, Global Silent Minute

By Svetlana Orlova, Global Silent Minute

By Efrat Sar-Shalom, Women of Peace

By Joan Bowler, UNITY EARTH

By Devi Mohan, Mohanji Foundation

By Antoinette Rootsdawtah, UNITY EARTH

By Rev. Sylvia Sumter, Stand up for Humanity


By Priya Assal, www.assalgheysari.com

By Dee Kyne, Earth Rights Walker

By Cisca de Koning, Watercermonie

By Beatrix Torresz, Illaryap & Sybil Griffiths

By Beatrix Torresz, Sebatián & Illaryap