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Shelley Ostroff (PhD)

Shelley Ostroff is a planetary activist, leadership consultant, social architect, mystic and writer. She is the founder of,, and other initiatives dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. Concerned by the suffering and devastation humans cause each other, other species and the planet, she dedicated herself to exploring whole-system systems dynamics and integrative healing wisdom from diverse disciplines and traditions. She has worked with people from all walks of life, from different sectors of society and across continents as a therapist, consultant, mentor, and creative partner in cultivating individual, collective and whole-system wellness. Through ongoing research and practice, she has developed a unique holistic approach to human and whole-system healing and transformation that includes evolving blueprints for a new form of holistic health-oriented global Eco-Governance.

TOGETHER IN CREATION is dedicated to applying this holistic whole-system health approach to cultivating the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants.

This website also brings together diverse content from her personal and professional journey that has contributed to the evolution of Together in Creation. 

Yan Golding


For over 20 years Yan Golding has been researching and engaging in the fields of conscious personal and cultural evolution. In 2003 he co-founded an ecovillage in South Africa where he lived and worked for 8 years. Yan has taught permaculture and ecovillage design, and has initiated a transition town in Portugal. He is passionate about discovering and cataloging regenerative and systemic solutions and innovations. He has co-initiated and co-stewarded United Earth, Synergy Hub, Global Solutions Day and A Solutions Revolution. He is currently co-stewarding Together in Creation, Codes for a Healthy Earth, 7 Days of Rest and diverse related initiatives.

Kelly Schlesinger

Graphic artist / musician / animal activist Kelly brings a range of creative and technological skills to developing the websites, the graphics, videos and editing of material. Kelly has played an essential role since the inception of Together in Creation.

With gratitude to Lidewij Marinissen for bringing her diverse creative skills and loving planetary service to Together in Creation between 2018 and 2020.

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