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 Uniting for the Love of Animals and the Planet

To reverse climate change it is crucial to move beyond narrow economic interests and work to immediately end the fossil fuel and animal agriculture industries. Any policy claiming to address the devastation of climate change without eliminating these industries will be neither honest nor effective. These industries are built on the explotation of the land and its inhabitants, and their impact cannot be containted by partial solutions.


In December 2015 Ubuntu 4 Animals initiated a petition to Ban Ki Moon and the leaders of the Paris Climate Summit to ensure the impact of the animal agribusiness on our global climate is comprehensively addressed and an urgent action policy created and made effective immediately.  We initiated a climate partnership with other organizations supporting this aim.

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Why this is important


There is irrefutable evidence that animal agriculture is a key cause of climate change. It is a leading cause of greenhouse-gas emissions, water waste, water pollution, ocean dead zones, deforestation, habitat destruction and species extinction that each significantly impacts the climate.


Any global policy that claims to address climate change without addressing the catastrophic impact of animal agriculture is neither honest nor effective. While awareness about the fossil fuel industry is gaining momentum, the impact of animal agriculture on the climate has not received the same global attention. Major policy decisions will be made at the Climate Summit that will impact the future of the planet and humanity. For our collective health and survival it is essential the impact of animal agriculture is fully addressed.

The Facts

Information source: Cowspiracy

The Petition

The Climate Petition was insipired by the documentary Cowspiracy and the work of other activists working courageously to reveal the cruelty of the animal agribusiness as well as its devastating effects on the planet.  The aim of the petition was to contribute to global awareness and to help create the necessary conditions for global policy makers to urgently,  honestly and effectively address the issue. 

The document was delivered to Leading South African Environmental Rights lawyer Cormac Cullinan who  presided as president of the panel of judges at the International Tribunal for the Rights of Nature in Paris that coincided with the ParisClimate Summit. We are profoundly grateful to Cormac Cullinan for presenting this document to the judges of the Tribunal.

The Petition Partnership

The Petition Partnership was created to unite collective passion and action in order to amplify this call.

The Climate Petition Partners are leaders of communities  and organizations who recognize the importance of effectively addressing the issue of animal agriculture on climate change at the Paris Climate Summit in November.

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