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Communicating with other animals

Humans tend to dismiss as irrelevant that which what we cannot understand from a rational perspective. Faced with the fact that animals do not speak our language, we deny that they speak other languages that may be equally if not more evolved than our own albeit in different ways.

We have claimed intelligence as our own, and in so doing we have functioned in a tragically partial way, dismissing and destroying other complementary intelligences on which we depend. This phenomenon can be captured in the notion that if humans disappeared from the earth, the planetary eco-system would thrive, whereas if lions or bees or various other species disappear, the eco-system as we know it would be destroyed.

It has taken millennia for humans to begin to recognize only some of the essential ecological functions of a number of species and we have not yet begun to understand the essential function of millions of others. Now as we begin to recognize the implications of our tragic narrow-mindedness, short-sightedness and cruelty, many people find themselves fighting those fuelled by short-term economic interests and selfish greed that continue to hunt, poison and kill the animals and destroy and steal the land on which they live.

Gradually humans are beginning to understand that animals are far more intelligent than modern humans have ever believed or wanted to believe. They don’t use discrete words to talk. Animal communicators describe a form of holographic, vibrational and symbolic communication with animals. They communicate with multiple senses simultaneously often across vast distances. Theirs is not a linear language. Complex messages are relayed in ways that human beings have not yet been able to grasp.

Humans will never be able to navigate or communicate as effectively or efficiently as animals. As yet, we are still unable to live in harmony among ourselves in the way diverse species live and thrive together. Even with our technological advances, we will never be able to imitate many of the extraordinary embodied intelligences that the different species manifest.

In modern Western society, we have developed a painfully narrow concept of intelligence and knowledge. We have overvalued very specific forms of rational understanding and diminished the importance of all the other complementary and interwoven intelligences. This disconnection of the rational mind from other complementary intelligences is a key cause for many of the imbalances on the planet.

Our scientific and technological advancement far surpasses our emotional, instinctual, moral, systemic and holographic intelligences. Caught in a paradigm of separateness, hierarchy, and duality, we have not yet matured enough to use our technology in a way that is safe and nourishing for all.

We are now learning that we need to look to other forms of intelligence both within ourselves and outside of ourselves for more integrative and holistic answers that ensure the vitality of people and planet. Native Americans and other indigenous cultures have related to animals in a way that respects the unique quality that each animal brings to the vibrational complexity and vitality of the planet. Each animal is honored for their specific qualities and teachings. They are thanked for bringing these essential vibrations to the planet and for offering them so generously to humankind.

As long as we choose to live in the ignorance of our self-claimed intelligence and knowledge, without respecting other intelligences, we shall continue to destroy ourselves and the planet. In order to move beyond our own destructiveness, it is essential that we humble ourselves in the face of life and its multiple, exquisite intelligences. We will need to learn to respect that which we don’t understand, and embark on an intense process of learning why each animal and each plant is important from an ecological, evolutionary and holographic perspective.

It is now time to honor the ancient wisdom keepers - those people that have continued to cultivate these wisdoms on the fringes of modern western society. It is time to thank them for their willingness to hold the sacred knowledge at a time of social fragmentation and planetary suffering. To restore the vitality of people and planet it is essential that we learn from the wisdom keepers how to reacquaint ourselves with these ancient embodied intelligences that allow for inter-species communication.

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