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The Unifying Power of the Lions and Lionesses

An inspiring mosaic of images is emerging from the Global March for the Lions that took place on the 14th and 15th of March 2014, across continents in over 60 cities.

It is significant that at this time of an intense global crisis in leadership, violent social divisiveness and ecological imbalance, that people across the world have succeeded in coordinating across continents to roar in unison for a collective cause.

In true majestic form, the lions and lionesses have catalyzed people across continents in a most unusual and coordinated expression of unity. In the process of global coordination around the march to protect the lions and lionesses from the horrific canned lion hunting industry, the lions have in turn gifted humans with an amplified experience of our power to work together effectively in serving life on the planet. Participants in the march had the opportunity to learn a great deal about integrity, justice, generosity, connectivity, communication, coordination and self-organization in service of purpose.

The lions are a universal symbol of just and thriving majestic leadership. It is thus particularly poignant that the Global March for the lions takes place at a time in history when global leadership is actively destroying the planet. The lion roar has raged across the planet to protest the unjust rule of human law based on artificial notions of hierarchy, separateness and oppressive discriminatory powers that go against the natural order of life.

The canned lion hunting industry of South Africa is a painful legacy of the type of colonialist oppression of indigenous people and natural resources of a land. In this perversion of the natural order, plants, animals and humans are treated as commodities and are killed and enslaved for power, sport and entertainment.

When humans fail to honor the invisible information pathways that connect us all, and artificially privilege some parts over others, the entire eco-system suffers. Nature's life enhancing communication pathways that have taken billions of years to establish themselves are obstructed as a foreign and artificial regime that goes against the intelligence of nature is imposed on the entire eco-system.

When we cage and kill the majestic apex predators that contribute to the flourishing of our diverse eco-system, we constrict and destroy our access to the natural order within ourselves. We are then unable to resonate with the innate power of these highly evolved and integrative beings and their extraordinary capacity to modulate and balance the entire eco-system. We lose the vibrational intelligence of our ancestors who were more connected with nature, and as such knew how to honor the lions and lionesses accurately for their pivotal role in our shared eco-system.

In displacing, dishonoring, hurting and killing the lions we are essentially attacking the connective and life enhancing energetic tissue of ourselves and our planet. Once we loose our connection with the lions and lionesses, we inevitably find ourselves lacking a powerful, accurate and life enhancing energetic compass with which to align ourselves and our societies. And the whole system turns on itself and spins into a spiral of fear, trauma, chaos and self-destruction. In our holographic, interdependent world, there is no real outside and inside, self and other. What we do unto others we essentially do to ourselves as well.

Now, at the brink of total self-annihilation, we, as humans, are become increasingly aware of the way in which we have collectively betrayed ourselves and our planet. And at this particular point in history, as we move just beyond the year 2012, with its anticipated shift in global consciousness, the lions and lionesses, true to their mythological nature, emerge as the first beings that succeed in uniting diverse peoples across the planet to roar together against injustice.

The Global March for the Lions is not a human activity on behalf of the lions and lionesses alone. It is a global activation for the restoration of true and just leadership on the planet that cultivates the well-being of all parts of our interconnected whole. The current global roar of the lions and lionesses signals the imperative of a return to an order aligned with the intelligence of nature. How magnificent that the lions and lionesses emerge at this time in history to reunite humans across continents and to set free both the lions and lionesses on the planet as well as the lion-hearted courage and leadership within each of us!

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