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For the Animals, for the Planet, for Humanity

Ubuntu 4 Animals is dedicated to the legal, religious and cultural protection of animals from human abuse.  Ubuntu 4 Animals came into being in November 2013 with our first project - an AVAAZ petition to Pope Francis calling on him to use his role to protect animals. Ubuntu 4 Animals works to develop and make available materials contributing to the emerging paradigm that puts the planet and all its inhabitants first. Add your Voice for the Animals is a vibrant Facebook Page for inspiring right relationship with Animals.

A Prayer for the Animals

With profound shame and grief

we ask forgiveness for the

excruciating suffering

we have inflicted upon you for millennia

while you have sacrificed yourselves

in service of the evolution of consciousness


We thank you and honor you

for having selflessly taught us

the limits and limitlessness of our capacity for

compassion and cruelty

that result from being trapped in

artificial polarities between

good and evil

right and wrong

superiority and inferiority

mastery and slavery

birthed into being as humans

began to pursue

the consciousness of the

Tree of Knowledge and law

 severed from heart wisdom

and the vital intelligence

of the Tree of Life


We pray that we can now claim

the state of grace

that is the pure experience

of love and gratitude

towards you and all sentient beings


We now commit to learning from you

the principle of sacred relationship,

the secret of vitality,

that is the life enhancing balance

of mutual nourishment,

of giving and receiving

among all uniquely self-realized parts

of our interdependent whole

In November 2013, Ubuntu 4 Animals  initiated a petition to Pope Francis through AVAAZ,  appealing to him to do all in his power to protect animals from human abuse. 


A gallery of Ubuntu 4 Animals posters from our different campaigns on behalf of the animals.


A collection of blogs addressing the wisdom of the animals and the necessity for accurate human stewardship of the planet.​​​​​​​​​

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