Food is the basis of wellness. Healthy organic agriculture and easily

accessible plant based nourishment for all is the basis of healthy society and a healthy planet.

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Recognising nature’s fundamentally nourishing intelligence is the key to thriving people and thriving eco-systems. 

Only through honoring the principles of healthy nourishment in healthy eco-systems will we be able to heal and revitalize the planet.

What can possibly be more important than a global health revolution that puts healthy nutrition at its core? 

When we divest from fossil fuels and animal-agriculture and invest ONLY in green energy and organic plant-based agriculture, we will stimulate a new healing economy and set in motion a healing vortex

for many of the global crises we currently face.


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June 24, 2016

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“When you control food, you control people.”
- Kissinger

Our food has been h...

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For the Health and Vitality of the Planet and all its Inhabitants

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