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The entire planet functions as an interconnected living system.

This information has vital importance for the way in which we govern ourselves as a species.

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Imagine all the people, putting the planet and all its inhabitants first

The entire planet functions as an inter-connected eco-system. This information has enormous implications for how we live.


Modern science shows that contrary to popular belief, we are not separate from each other, but function with all other species and the planet itself as an interconnected living system. To heal the environment and manage the multiple life-threatening crises we face it is essential that we, children, adults and particularly those in leadership positions learn the language of interconnectedness. Shifting mindsets from one of separateness hierarchy and privilege to one of interdependence, complementarity and mutual nourishment

is the key pathway to reversing the damage and beginning to replenish peole and planet.

A poster gallery of quotes and campaigns about the environment.


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A gallery of insightful social commentary about our relationship to the environment taken from social media and shared on our Just Sayin' page  together with posters about others sectors of society.


Recommended short videos

How Whales Change Climate - George Monbiot

A short video essential to understanding the complex interdepenence of animals and the climate.

How Wolves Change Rivers

A fascinating short documentary showing why apex predators are so crucial to the entire eco-system, and why we need to rewild the planet.

The Bloom Series - Episode 2: Practicing the New World Trailer

The Land Owns Us

Restoring Life's Fabric

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