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Human and environmental health is our key resource and needs to be the core

organizing purpose and principle of every field of governance and human endeavor.

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Radical Healing and revitalization: Cultivating Health and Vitality

of all Life on the Planet

Until now we have approached health from a largely fragmented and symptomatic perspective.  The result is the multiple crises of body, soul and planet we face.  As we learn more and more about our interconnectedness with nature, we realize that human health and vitality is inter-dependent with that of our natural environment. To heal people and planet at this critical time we need to dedicate ourselves to exploring and practicing the integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond. 




A gallery of quotes about health.

A gallery of insightful and funny social commentary about our current governance systems taken from social media and shared on our Just Sayin page  together with posters about others sectors of society.

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