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Media creates culture and has a vast impact on the health and integrity of society. The purpose of all media

must be to provide information that nourishes the human and environmental system.

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Media shapes global consciousness. It must be used with integrity in a way that serves Life

Information is the food of the soul.  The information we take in impacts our minds and bodies. It determines our belief systems and how we behave towards ourselves, each other and the environment.


Media is the tool that educates the masses. Until now  profit driven media has generated cultures based on domination and self-interest. Through seductive advertisements, films, video games, cell phone apps and reality TV, we have created a system that incessantly imposes on our conscious and subconscious mind physical and social violence, empty addictive behaviors and idolization of hedonistic lifestyles that deplete soul and planet.  At this critical time of human evolution we need to immediately and collectively upgrade our consciousness.  We need to shift our mindset from the one of domination and self-interest  to one of cooperation and mutual accountability. Media must now become the key tool for sharing healthy wise and essential information about interconnectedness and about health, healing and revitalization of people and planet. It must be held responsible for the consequences of the information it shares.

A gallery of quotes about media



A gallery of insightful and funny social commentary about the media taken from social media and shared on our Just Sayin' page  together with posters about others sectors of society.

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What's wrong with the media

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