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The purpose of law must be to protect and support

the wellness of all sentient beings as well as the health of the planet

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Healing and revising the legal system

We need to align human law with natural law to restore true justice for all.

Justice, a cornerstone of the founding principles of democracy, has been perverted to sell the vast injustices that characterize our world today. The political, justice and legal systems have been hijacked by the moneyed to create and enforce laws that privilege the elite and enslave people, animals and the planet itself. The institution of justice, sold as the ultimate protector of human rights has become the very system through which the abuse is carried out. The only way to transform this is for people across the world to cooperate across boundaries of governments and nations to articulate, promote and organize around a new planetary concept of eco law and eco justice that puts the planet and all its inhabitants first.

A poster gallery of quotes about law.


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A gallery of insightful and funny social commentary about our legal system taken from social media and shared on our Just Sayin page  together with posters about others sectors of society.

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