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Co-Creating Eco-Governance

A New Awareness

Unravelling Democracy


The corruption inherent in democracy cannot be attributed to the system alone.  It is an inevitable part of the  dynamic of divisiveness and privilege found within all of us and at every level of society.  Democracy is a system that lends itself to what we choose to do with it. It was created from a mindset of separateness and domination before modern society learned about our fundamental ecological interconnectedness with all of creation. It is not organized around the principles of life and does not have an inbuilt filter to sift healthy from unhealthy behavior. It was not conceived of or structured to be able to cultivate the health and vitality of complex interconnected human and environmental living systems.


The consequences of a system rooted in the domination mindset are inevitable. While democracy has contributed to human consciousness and the evolution of our understanding about the use and abuse of our power, the inherent limitations of the system are evident in the challenges we now face, and it is time to move on.  


Shifting consciousness


People across the world are becoming increasingly informed. The veils of secrecy that have shrouded the systematic abuse of power are lifting.  Information technology and alternative media are threatening to undo the global system of domination.  Growing numbers of courageous whistle-blowers and investigative journalists are revealing the vast manipulation of power and resources by governments and the financial elite.

The environmental hazards are closer to home than ever and images of the social inequalities and environmental devastation are spreading across social media. Rage at governments and the elite is growing as people worldwide are taking to the streets to demand change. The status quo of control is being threatened and chaos is growing. 


An information war is raging. While there are those fighting the secrecy that has enabled the mass deception, some governments are clamping down on privacy and internet freedoms. There are those using the internet to continue to spread misinformation and those using it to spread truth and healthy information and create new systems of social organization.


Over the years many conspiracy theories have existed about the secretive, ruthless abuse of power of governments, corporations and individuals, but many of these theories have been publicly dismissed and ridiculed, deflecting attention and investigation. Some journalists have pursued these threads and it seems Pandora’s Box has been opened. Hidden information is being revealed, and many theories dismissed as hoaxes are shown to have substantive evidence.


The war between truth and propaganda is being played out. Visual data is manipulated and only the savviest are able to discern fact from fiction. The information war marks a radically new time where everybody is a journalist and everything can become known, but also a time where misinformation is easily spread.

The new beginning

With the tragic failure of democracy it is our collective responsibility to move beyond the boundaries of the known and invest collectively in the healing of what we have damaged. The only relevant framework for a new system of governance is one that is uncompromisingly aligned with Life. 


In the face of shifting consciousness, the time is ripe to question the foundations of everything we thought to be true and right. It is time to break free from the limiting story that democracy is the best of all possible systems and organize together to build something better.

Alongside the implosion of the current systems a vast movement of diverse groups across the world working for healing of our entire eco-system is growing rapidly. Information technology is enabling the spread of healthy information, and providing the platform for sharing resources and inventing entirely new planetary organizational systems. The vision, knowledge, wisdom, and technologies for a thriving future already exist. It is now a matter of connecting the circuits among those dedicated to the benefit of the whole, and creating an entirely new governance system that puts the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants as its only compass.

Part 3 - Co-Creating Eco-Governance - Coming Soon - Please see videos and Power Point presentation

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