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Democracy: A System of Deceit

The Hoax


Our democratic system has become a breeding ground for legitimized lies that have generated entire societies struggling with fundamentals of open, honest and kind communication

Lies have become a normalized part of the culture and a key organizing principle in society. A sophisticated system of deceit and manipulation of information is employed to sell agendas of power and profit.  Deceit can be found at every level of democratic systems including the way “democratic values” are abused in the election campaign industry and in the buying of people’s votes and lawmaker’s allegiances. From false political promises and corrupt deals to economies driven by legalized false advertising, honesty has almost disappeared from our collective expectations.  We are sold the notion that it is not only legitimate but enviable and a sign of success, to use one’s brilliance to manipulate a system based on exploiting humans and the environment.

Falsehood is so pervasive in contemporary societies that many have learned to not recognize truth, expect truth or speak truth. Instead citizens learn from the system how to play the game of manipulating information in their own interest.

The splitting virus

Deceit is the mechanism that splits form from essence, what is communicated from what is true.  It is the splitting virus that permeates our societies. The idiom of “speaking with a forked tongue” conveys the image of the split communication that happens when one says one thing and means another.  A forked tongue society is constantly under stress to sift that which is truly nourishing from that which is harmful. 


Every living system is dependent on accurate information for its healthy functioning. Information is the nourishment we take in, whether it is physical, emotional, cognitive or spiritual. False information, whether in the form of inaccuracies, or outright lies, contaminates and depletes the informational system and undermines the health and integrity of the whole.


False information acts like a splitting virus that spreads through entire societies fragmenting body and soul and creating cultures of people bereft of their connection to themselves, each other and nature, and thus more vulnerable to agendas imposed by external authorities.  If we compare our global system to a computer, we can apply the analogy of a virus that installs destructive and false information, multiplies exponentially and disrupts vital communication pathways. Lies behave in society like a cancerous virus behaves in a human body.


On an emotional level, consistently being subject to manipulative information and false promises are known to be determining factors in severe emotional disorders. Similarly, on a societal level, political manoeuvring, false marketing, and divisive notions about social hierarchies multiply rapidly and drive addictions, confusion, disease, violent societal splits, terror and war. 

The Branding


The marketing of democracy as a just and caring system of governance can be seen as a sophisticated, sinister and dangerous hoax.


Under the cloak of righteous democracy, endless wars have been waged, nature has been ravaged, people have become enslaved to a ruthless economic system and an ongoing holocaust of animals, terror and disease plague the entire planet. Yet we continue to be sold the idea that democracy is the fairest of all possible governing systems. And we continue to believe it. 


Billions are spent on the psychology of marketing democracy as the optimal form of governance. It is the ultimate facade behind which power hungry individuals and corporations have taken control over human and planetary resources. Democracy has provided the convincing cover for a multi-national corporate system to define global laws, control governments and media and determine public agenda.  The democratic system is the efficient tool for the financial elite, and they will be pushing the benevolent illusion of democracy for as long as they can benefit from it, while they themselves remain untouchable.


Leaders of corporations are in a position where they can puppeteer the system. They employ lobbyists and politicians to manipulate debate and influence votes in such a way that no one gets to see what is really happening.  The corporate agenda is to protect and perpetuate the notion of fair democratic governance. Media presents existing inequalities and abuse as isolated “undemocratic” issues rather than as inevitable symptoms of the rigged democratic system itself.


In corporate-controlled media no-one calls the hoax. Nobody challenges the fundamental principles and structure of democracy. Facing the injustices and corruption of the system, we blame individual bought politicians for their wrongdoings, who then become the media scapegoats while the financial elite remain unscathed. 


We are led to believe if we tweak the system, change the leaders or create new laws everything will be okay, but this belief system is a sponsored mirage that gets further and further away with every attempt to fix the symptoms.  Discussion as to the nature of democracy in different countries may vary but democracy itself is not up for mainstream debate.


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