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Below is an evolving list of visions and concepts for complementary initiatives dedicated to rapid social and ecological regeneration. Most are still at the conceptual stage of development and are open for co-creation with resonant partners.

Evolving Virtual Ecosphere (EVE)

An evolving framework for a multi-dimensional digital platform enabling members of CHE to self-organize effectively and evolve together as a thriving global-to-local community, pooling resources efficiently for the good of the whole.

Follow the Flow

A concept for a suite of tools and initiatives designed to cultivate a deeper understanding of interconnectedness, the consequences of our mindsets and actions, and how energy, in its different forms (behavior, information, resources, emotions, etc.), flows through the entire ecosystem in the most efficient and vitalizing way.

Whole-System Health Index 

An integrative holistic evaluation system for the whole-systems health status of all businesses, organizations, municipalities and nations, as well as for measuring the whole-system health impacts of all laws, policies, products and services.


#ISPEAK4 campaign is dedicated to discovering and sharing the wisdom and gifts of those who do not speak the human language to cultivate greater understanding of and empathy with all aspects of Creation.

For Gaza with Love

Envisioned as a SERV pilot-project “for Gaza with Love” will focus on introducing and implementing holistic solutions for Gazans in every area of life - especially whole-system health and healing education, food sovereignty, water management, gender equality, ecological rebuilding of infrastructure, renewable energy, community housing, local economies, complementary currencies and regenerative job skills training.

Noah's Ark


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Social & Ecological Regeneration & Vitalization (SERV)

SERV is a concept for a community-building and crowd re-sourcing platform that enables citizens from around the world to organize effectively for implementing whole-system healing solutions for communities and ecosystems in crisis.

Communities for a Healthy Earth

Our gifts are of the system and for the system. They are nourished by the whole, and as interdependent parts of the whole they must in turn nourish the whole. By sharing our gifts coherently in service of a healthy earth we realign with the laws of nature and begin to heal our fragmented society and ecosystems.

#LovingDiversity Campaign

The Loving Diversity campaign is dedicated to inspiring the Love and Gratitude for diversity and the recognition of the loving nature of diversity that enriches Life for All.

#BefriendDiversity Campaign

The #BefriendDiversity - Making Friends for Life campaign is dedicated to inspiring diverse friendships as a pathway for creating greater empathy with and understanding of those who are seen as different from oneself.

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