Reclaiming the wisdom and gifts of our talents and skills in service of the healing of the

Planet and all its Inhabitants.

Artists      l      Politicians      I      Educators      I      Spiritual Leaders      I     Permaculture      

Citizens for a Healthy Earth - aligning our diverse skills in service of Life and the Global Good.  

There is profound value in cultivating communities with the same skill/talent/discipline/population group to hone and distill the wisdom from their respective sectors.  There is equally important value in cultivating inter-sectorial communities that pollinate each other and explore and evolve the interface of different sectors.


Citizens for a Healthy Earth cultivates the spaces for coming together as core-communities and inter-sectorial communities to distill our unique and shared wisdoms in service of a thriving Earth for all. 


Imagine the power of artists/economists/politicians/ interfaith leaders or any particular community committed to the global good working together to offer their gifts to the good of the whole.


We all have innate talents  and skill sets we have developed or are yet to develop.  Our privilege driven culture encourages us to use these gifts in selfish and dishonoring ways, disconnected from the laws of living systems and destructive to life itself. It encourages the use of our gifts for self-benefit or for the benefit of those eager to profit off them at the expense of the whole. 


The notion that our talents belong to us, or to a profit driven system, goes against the core intelligence of nature. The bees do not patent their gifts and hold the world hostage to their essential wisdom. They nourish the planet generously, and as long as humans do not interfere, they are in turn nourished generously by the planetary ecosystem. As a part of nature, it is absurd to think that our talents belong to us.  Like any part of the human body or ecosystem our  individual and collective role is to play a life-enhancing part in the larger system.  

Our gifts are of the system and for the system.  They are nourished by the whole, and as interdependent  parts of the whole they must in turn nourish the whole. By sharing our gifts coherently in service of a healthy earth we realign with the laws of nature and begin to heal our fragmented society and ecosystems. 

As CHE evolves we intend to integrate  and evolve technologies for self-organizing core community and inter-sectorial groups, forums and councils.  We are already initiating the formation of such groups locally and virtually. Artists have a crucial role in shaping culture and we are thrilled to pioneer our efforts with our first core-community development program -  ARTISTS FOR A HEALTHY EARTH.

Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond . . .

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