A Global Campaign: Seeding a thriving future for Gaza

A global grass-roots campaign dedicated to providing Gazan’s with deeply supportive relationships from across the world, and healthy, life-enhancing resources that can enrich their lives, help them replenish the land, grow their autonomy, heal the human and environmental trauma and cultivate the foundations for creative, win-win pathways forward. 

Gaza is perhaps one of the most powerful examples of the horrific destructiveness, injustice and despair generated by our current systems. It also holds the potential for implementing a radically new, whole-system healing process for transforming conflict and community and regional healing.

Given the focal place of Gaza in world politics and attention, one can begin to imagine the vast impact of a massive grassroots global movement of individuals and groups converging their support in creative, life-enhancing ways.


The global mobilization of people and resources “for Gaza with Love” will focus on generating holistic solutions for Gaza in every area of life - especially health, ecological rebuilding of infrastructure, water, energy, community housing, local agriculture, a vibrant green local economy and whole-system health education and professional development programs.


The program will be entirely apolitical and emphasize only that which is oppression free and nourishing for people and the environment.  It will not replace the need for a comprehensive political solution but it will contribute to the possibilities of achieving one by cultivating life-affirming activity and a discourse that is focused on a healthy future for the land and all its inhabitants. It will bring a lasting peace closer by emphasizing win-win pathways that foster autonomy, food, shelter and energy security, realistic hope, healthy re-connection with the world and mutually rewarding interdependence with neighbors.


One of the key indicators and causes of trauma, disease and inflammation is disconnection – the disconnection of one part of a living system from the other parts – (whether it be an organ of the body, or a part of an ecosystem or a group of people) – the isolated part, disconnected from the life flow will become damaged and dysfunctional and the damaging consequences will impact the rest of the system.


When we recognize our interconnectedness with all of life, we cannot see the situation in Gaza and be indifferent. The people of Gaza are probably among the most isolated and hope-less in the world - neglected and exploited by their own leaders, the Israeli government and leaders and citizens across the world. The fate of the people in Gaza is being played with by interest groups and the enforced isolation is ravaging those imprisoned in this small piece of land, and caught in the spiral of trauma, oppression, violence and revenge. The financial aid for Gaza’s citizens has been largely co-opted by interest groups with very little reaching the people of Gaza themselves or making a long term constructive difference.  Civilians of Gaza are held hostage by the groups invested in power and profit.


The escalating pain and suffering together with the vacuum of a real political path for peace is activating citizens in Gaza, Israel and across the world to take action. At this time, with the ongoing fires, protests and shootings around the fence separating Gaza and Israel, the pain and despair of Gazans and Israelis in the face of the current intolerable situation is requiring urgent attention. Women, men and children calling for a peaceful solution are protesting on both sides. They are calling for hope – hope for a peaceful future that can only come when the needs of all sides are adequately taken care of.


“For Gaza with Love” offers a pathway for making a real difference. It works to transmute the energy of pain to one of life-affirming action. By engaging holistically to improve the lives of citizens and bring real solution-oriented healing resources - it shifts the energy from blame, revenge and helplessness to a united effort for peace and life-affirming  action.


Gaza is a small area and can be a greenhouse for applying our most advanced solutions in every area of life to regenerating a healthy ecosystem. Organizing effectively to bring the state-of-the-art, ecologically sound solutions to Gaza will pioneer a creative blueprint for whole-system healing and replenishment that can be adopted elsewhere in war torn and disaster ravaged places.


The recognition of the need for a systemic approach to global crises is growing as we learn more about the interconnected nature of reality and the limitations of our current symptomatic thinking. The program will train Gazans in whole-system healing disciplines – enabling them to become leading pioneers and trainers elsewhere.


Organizing principles:


From isolation to connectedness: The program offers a bridge for reestablishing connection between Gaza and the outside world. While initially it will be primarily virtual, over time, the quality of connections and the pioneering program will provide the impetus for creative solutions to Gaza’s physical isolation. A sophisticated virtual community will be set in place to foster life-affirming, healthy connections between individuals and groups dedicated to a peaceful and thriving future for all. This intentional community will not only provide a channel for reconnecting Gaza with the outside world, it will also provide an opportunity to cultivate co-creative relationships and initiatives.

Life-enhancing Resources: The campaign will focus on providing Gazan's with a comprehensive spectrum of life-enhancing resources for healing and replenishment of the people, the land and its biodiversity and for community building. It will create a community of care from around the world that will directly offer or sponsor specific products and services.  It will not provide aid in the form of money.  


Empowering the Citizens: Much of the current international aid strategy perpetuates a culture of dependence and depletion of resources. It is often focused on bringing short term aid including white flour, processed foods and bottled water produced by large corporations to the areas in need which only maintains the dependence on and fills the coffers of the large corporations. Much of the aid is often siphoned off by mediating organizations and power groups who claim goods and resources for themselves rather than ensuring it reach the population in need. For Gaza with Love works to ensure the resources reach the population creating maximum long term benefit. For this reason, it focuses on providing the resources for cultivating autonomous healthy communities, professional training and long term healing of people and the environment.


The role of women: Traditionally aid is given to those in power and perpetuates the status quo.  The For Gaza with Love program will work to empower women in the process by encouraging them to become more actively involved in the future of Gaza and to bring their skills and wisdom to the community.  The program will support the formation of a council of women representing different social functions who work together to ensure the optimal, most efficient and fair distribution of resources so that all may thrive. Women traditionally are skilled at distributing resources in ways that ensure a healthy household economy, taking care that each unique child, animal and plant receives precisely what is needed to create a healthy whole nurtured by the diversity of the different people and species.  Supporting and mentoring women to take up leadership roles in council with each other supports a new collaborative, creative culture accountable for the health of the whole.


Distribution, documentation, development: The key principle for distribution of resources is the vitality code – the code of nature that ensures all parts of the ecosystem receive precisely what they need in order to fulfil their unique potential in mutual nourishment with the whole. This is the basis for a healthy household and ecosystem economy. The council will work to align with the vitality code. In learning to do so will be responsible for documenting the distribution and development of resources with the support of expertise in these fields in order to ensure the integrity and evolution of the program. Documentaries will explore the opportunities, challenges and creative solutions throughout the program to maximize the learning.


The role of technology:  The program will be supported by an online local and global community that supports the replenishing management of resources, connects needs and opportunities and cultivates healthy mutually supportive local and international connections. The technology will enable people easily connect people with solutions in all spheres of life, emphasizing free education, healing and eco-community building programs.  The technology will automatically filter out any content that is not aligned with the culture of respect and inclusiveness of all peace-loving individuals from all sectors and countries.


Coalition of partners: The program will encourage a coalition of partners to form around the campaign with each gifting their unique skills and resources to the evolving local and global community. No one partner will dominate the campaign. Instead the community structure and technology will ensure that all parts of the program are working with maximum integrity according to the values of deep respect for all Life, compassion, cooperation, non-violence and whole-system health.

The role of Israel and Israelis:  While the program is non-political, it will need to be coordinated with the Israeli authorities so that supplies can enter Gaza.   There are many factions in Israel and Palestine working to limit the direct cooperation and meeting of citizens. This policy of minimizing direct relationships, amplifies the enmity and demonization of the other and perpetuates the stereotype that there is no partner for peace in the other group.  For Gaza with Love will include Israeli citizens who wish to be part of the solution. The fault lines  do not always follow the lines of Israeli vs. Palestinian narrative. Peace-seeking Israelis and Palestinians often have more in common with each other than with their own governments. Boycotts and refusing direct relationship of citizens with each other, may be useful for some strategies, but they can also increase the hostility, the suffering of those on the ground and block healthy citizen peace-building initiatives.   For Gaza with Love enables Israelis and Palestinians who share peace-loving values to support the program and in so doing cultivates the building of healthy neighborly relationships built on respect of all life and  a deep honoring of the land and all its inhabitants.

The program will include among other products and services:

1.      A global “for Gaza with Love” community web  technology that enables relationship building and the identification and matching of needs and resources in all areas of life

2.      Councils led by women to ensure the optimal and efficient distribution of resources for the thriving of the people, all species and the ecosystem.

3.      Green technologies for clean water, energy, infrastructures and waste management

4.      Holistic education integrating state of the art l technology and practices

5.      Education for professional skills invested in whole-system health and a green future

6.      The foundations for a rich, local resource-based and sharing economy

8.      Healing wisdom and solutions

7.      Recycling skills

9.      Herbal and natural medicine

10.    Urban food forestry

11.    Permaculture 

12.    Healing networks

13.    Mentoring

14.    Resources for developing local arts, culture and sports

15.    Diverse creative initiatives in the spirit of whole-system healing led by citizens from across the world.

Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond . . .

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