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Old V new  paradigm
Economy   /   Culture   /    Law      /    Education     


High levels of security ensures more fear. Miliatry focus ensures fear

based cultures and war monger mentality



privilege of some and oppression of others, human or non-human

privileges humans over other species will create disease and conflict.



Land ownership , competition of land ensures conflict and prejudice



privileges men over women cannot be a culture of peace







The most effective form of defense is actively promoting peace / creating peaceful cultures.




honoring, respecting, enjoying and Replenishing life in its diverse forms in nature.




honors the land and all its inhabitants without oppression privilege or prejudice



cultures that cultivate the sacred relationship between the masculine and feminine



honouring that which is nourishing to life and eliminating that which constricts life



Peaceful societies do no produce waste, or contaminate the environment 



Peaceful cultures do not exploit land. They honor and replenish it with love and gratitude



Peace is treating all that one meets in a peaceful way.

The notion of ownership of land goes against the vibration of peace. We have been given the power to impact the land that nourishes us.  It is time to move from a mentality of ownership and exploitation to one of gratitude and loving stewardship.

For peace to exist in the world we must evolve beyond the notion of ownership to one of tending to it wisely and lovingly together in ways that create hope rather than fear, generosity rather than greed.

People are fighting over who are the ones that are the rightful owners of the land are destroying the very land that they claim to love and take away forcefully the land from those who have proven their love to the land by their dedication to nurturing it and replenishing it.

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