Old V new  paradigm



Educates for external social order, Prepares for higher education


Out-dated, bureaucratic, Controlled by government system. Tries to adapt children to system


Encourages dependence on external authority


Competition, Rigid control



Disconnected information / Subjects disconnected from self and life

as well as social political and environmental context

Focuses on knowledge fragmented knowledge areas taught out of context not relevant to life



 Content - language, science and humanities disciplines taught as isolated knowledge areas




Impart knowledge in limited areas according to out-dated notions of skills needed by adults.



Standardized teaching and evaluation methods



Standardization of subjects



Frontal set curriculum classes



Mainly cognitive rational knowledge



Fixed subject matter, closed to creativity, sterile.



Disconnected to the community and environment



Learning while disconnected from other social functions / indoctrinate (media) children with unhealthy values




Low salary teachers with little motivation or training

Educates for individual, community and environmental health and vitality, Prepares for life


Vibrant and evolving, Supported by government. Works at adapting system to student


Encourages independence, autonomy and co-operation


Organic healthy self-organization / Self-discipline and awareness of behavior consequences 



Interconnected disciplines relevant in real life contexts. 

Disciplines related to self and environmental awareness and healing 

Focuses on health knowledge areas taught in integrative experiential and contextual way, relevant to life


Content - addresses spectrum of life in relevant and meaningful ways.

Subjects linked and in service of health social political and environmental contexts.



Impart love of learning and skills for doing so



Adaptive teaching and evaluation according to context, needs and abilities of child. 



Diversity and applied wisdom



Community based projects using the best technology all age groups to learn any subject on their own 


Attends to different multiple intelligences and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions


Creative innovation. Cultivate every child’s unique gifts and the expression of these gifts 



Healthy mutually nourishing relationship with the community and environment.



Integrative concept that works with honest information, health, finance and spirituality. 





Teachers who are trained at facilitating children in discovering their full potential by combining knowledge guidance stimuli and emotional support. Mentoring coming generations to engage similarly with wisdom and generosity.


For the Health and Vitality of the Planet and all its Inhabitants

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