For the Health and Vitality of the Planet and all its Inhabitants

Our Work

Initiating and supporting pathways for transitioning to a new form of local and global governance that is dedicated to protecting and cultivating the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for future generations.

Our Core Principle

As part of an interconnected planetary ecosystem, human well-being is interdependent with the well-being of the environment and all species. Our role, as human beings, is to learn and evolve how to best contribute to the healthy evolution of all Life.

Our Primary Challenge

To shift from systems designed to dominate and exploit Life for the privilege of a few, to systems designed to cultivate and regenerate Life for the benefit of all - what we refer to as whole-system health and healing.


Deconstructing Democracy: An analysis of the fundamental flaws and myths of democracy that supports the realization of the need for a radically new governance system and ways of organizing ourselves as a species rooted in the language of Life. For more information click here

An evolving, integrative blueprint for a new form of local and global governance dedicated to cultivating the most efficient, replenishing and vitalizing flow of energy (knowledge, skills, resources, etc.) through the entire planetary ecosystem. For more information click here

Codes for a Healthy Earth: Codes for a Healthy Earth offers a foundational whole-system framework to support citizens in working together across national, cultural and ideological boundaries for radical system transformation and rapid social and ecological regeneration. 
For more information click here

Citizens for a Healthy Earth: An evolving, online community platform for supporting citizens and groups to self-organize for the global adoption and implementation of Codes for a Healthy Earth. The platform will offer a variety of tools and resources for personal, cultural and planetary healing. (coming soon)


7 Days of Rest: An annual global event that takes place the first week of every year. The aim of the event is to begin the New Year by co-creating a global unified field of intention and experience dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. For more information click here

Healing Women ~ Healing Water: A series of global healing ceremonies and synchronized meditations inviting participants around the world to co-create a global field of intention and prayer. Healing Women ~ Healing Water honors the essential bond of Women as carriers of Life and Water as the Source of Life. For more information click here

Ubuntu 4 Animals: A platform initiated in 2013 for raising awareness to end the suffering of animals at the hands of humans, and inspire healing relationships with all species. For more information click here

The Climate Code Manifesto: Core principles for transforming our relationship with the climate and the shared environment on which we all depend. For more information click here

For the Health and Vitality of the Planet and all its Inhabitants

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