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Governance and Law
Media and Culture
Faith and Spirituality
With love and  gratitude
Add Your Voice
Quotes and Blessings
Testament of Now
Books and Multimedia
Books and Poetry
systematically teaching kids copy.jpg
devout persuit copy.jpg
When children copy.jpg
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education copy.jpg
lion copy.jpg
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Protect creation copy.jpg
Pope Francis  quote copy.jpg
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Jacqueline Kemp copy.jpg
biodiversity thomas eisner copy.jpg
A Christian (2) copy.jpg
Climate challance 4 gorilla.jpg
Climate challance 3.jpg
man and eli mututal nourishment copy.jpg
let my people go copy.jpg
healing dog and boy copy.jpg
easter copy.jpg
dog and kid running copy.jpg
Climate challance 3.jpg
Climate challance 4 gorilla.jpg
man and eli mututal nourishment copy.jpg
let my people go copy.jpg
healing dog and boy copy.jpg
easter copy.jpg
dog and kid running copy.jpg
together is better firefighter.png
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in this together - firefighter and dog.png
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wollves unity copy.jpg
Urangu face copy.jpg
pray to understand - gorilla copy.jpg
dolphin loved copy.jpg
Climate challance 3.jpg
Faith and Spirituality
sacredness (2).png
vast range of scandals.png
child and god.png
science and religion copy.jpg
in our attempt copy.jpg
heirachical perspective copy.jpg
fear and power copy.jpg
TiC Quotes
there is no greater source than health final copy.jpg
Self evident health final.jpg
the only legitimate way of walking.png
its only fragented copy.jpg
radiant food version3 (2).png
A testament of now
1 rest
2 creation
3 perception of linear time
4 from the void
5 to the fullness
6 time
7  and they came to know pain
8 humans learned to love the land
14  take from the land
15 power of thought
16 unknown dangers
17 knowledge
18 no longer moved with the seasons
20 and the people thanked the animals
25 humility
26 lost sacred connection
27 lonely mastery
30 spiral of fear
31 animals suffered
32 wolf communicate
34 wild horses
35 dog
36 for as the people engaged
37 target
38 rainbow warrior
39 boy and rhino
40 reclaim humanity
41 sacrificed their own heart
42 learn to love
43 eat of the flesh
44 and when people abuse
45 trade in souls
46  no long steal the planet
47 humans attack the fabric
48 chemical plants
49  pollution
soon as there is a culture.jpg
promoting peace.jpg
proiting peace copy.jpg
privaledge men.jpg
peacefulll cultures 2 b copy.jpg
peacefull cutlre.jpg
no waste copy.jpg
jane copy.jpg
honoring life copy.jpg
cultivate peace copy.jpg
barter copy.jpg
Governance and Law
split loyalties 2 copy.jpg
democratic system a breeding ground 2 copy.jpg
AS we awaken.png
It is absurd to try and fix copy-1.jpg
to deal with rampant violence.png
democracy voting copy.jpg
imese power copy.jpg
emocracy - society 2 copy.jpg
democracy winner looser copy.jpg
democracy usterity 2 copy.jpg
democracy healers copy.jpg
democracy free market capitlaism copy.jpg
democracy failed us copy.jpg
Democarcy justice copy.jpg
any goverment 2 copy.jpg
democracy poster.jpg
Media and Culture
Buy-More-Stuff NEW 2.png
emocracy -smoking copy.jpg
democracy media 2 copy.jpg
absolute lie copy.jpg
animals are the guardians copy
Religious leaders final poster copy.jpg
climate poster new.jpg
Climate challance3.png
Climate challance2.png
biodiveristy poster 4.jpg
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