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shift the narative

A whole system approach to the coming elections and to our governance system

The only legitimate purpose of government is the cultivation of the health and vitality

of the land and all its inhabitants for generations to come.

The Movement for a Healthy Country offers a framework and agenda for governance rooted in interdisciplinary wisdom that draws on best practices from across the world for social and environmental health and healing.

It  provides a whole system approach to managing collective resources that puts the health of the land and all its inhabitants as the core purpose and organizing principle for governance.


It focuses on the whole-system health consequences of all policies and laws and demands full responsibility and accountability for these consequences.

pathways for action

Putting the health of the whole at the core of the governance agenda


Outlines the vision and values of the Movement for a Healthy Country on the basis of issues that have broad public consensus for adoption by any government elected. 

put health

of the

whole system

at the core of


Lead a campaign to:

  • Promote a non-affiliated movement of all citizens for the good of all.

  • Put the issue of whole system health at the core of the public agenda and election discourse.

  • Provide the public and its elected leaders a comprehensive  framework focused on whole-system health.

  • Influence the campaign system process to minimize corruption.

  • Create a viable, alternative sustainable and health-oriented political and economic agenda.

  • Insist on political leaders giving real answers regarding the consequences of their laws and policies for the whole-system.


  • To organize the movement as a  vibrant and effective country wide community.

  • To create a central platform for community resource coordination and sharing.

  • To showcase leaders' achievements, and ensure transparency and accountability for their actions.

  • Providing alternative media and independent content to support the shift in consciousness and the whole-system health based public agenda

  • To transform coverage of elections that focuses on personalities and numbers to one in-depth and encompassing discussions on whole-system health. 

Training and raising awareness

  • Create educational materials.

  • Facilitate training workshops for activists.

  • Flood all communication channels with messages about whole-system health, healthy governance and pathways towards a healthy country.

Mobilize Leaders as ambassadors

  • Mobilize leaders from all walks of life and sectors as ambassadors within their communities.

organizing principle


In mainstream discourse, the concept of health is used primarily to refer to the domains of medicine, disease, medications and healthcare.  We need to expand our concept of health to include a systemic perspective that takes into account the wide range of social and environmental influences on individual and collective health and welfare. Health means healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy interpersonal relationships, healthy communities and healthy environments. These are all interdependent:  When there is oppression or disease in our interconnected system, conflict and disease will spread.


Health is our most precious collective resource. Ultimately, irrespective of our roots or social status, health and wellness are the primary hopes we all share for ourselves and our children. Without health everything else becomes secondary in importance.


Nevertheless, health is the greatest casualty of our governance system.

Our air, soil and water are polluted. The food we eat contains dangerous ingredients, our natural resources and green areas are being destroyed on a daily basis. The rate of chronic disease is rising. Addiction, social violence, social divides, poverty, corruption and the oppression of those perceived as "other" are increasing, and the prevalent public discourse is violent and divisive. Our public institutions, including the Ministry of Health, are corrupt and are not functioning due to political appointments, lack of budgets and shortsighted vision.

The health crises on all these fronts affect each and every one of us, and  are the result of a culture that promotes self-interest over the good of the whole and of profit and power-driven politics and economics that violate the fundamental conditions necessary for life to flourish.


The challenge of society today is to develop public awareness that the health of all parts of our interconnected whole is interdependent with all other parts. It is essential that we create a united social health focused agenda to bring about the necessary cultural and political transformation.

Promoting whole-system health focused policy unites us all across the divides of race, religion, gender and nationality and leads to root laws that will transform our institutions and heal our culture and environment.

Cultivating health means first and foremost prioritizing the physical foundations for life – clean air, water, soil, healthy nourishment and the biodiversity that is an essential part of a healthy climate. When these conditions are fulfilled additional crises will automatically be resolved.


Cultivating health also means ensuring physical and emotional safety, shelter, caring and mutually enriching relationships with each other, other species and the environment, and ensuring hope and opportunities for all to manifest their unique potential in mutual enrichment with the whole. 





When we shift from a divisive language of power and profit and bureaucratic tyranny - at the expense of the whole - to a language of health and vitality, we will recognize the need for new expertise and leadership. When collective health becomes our society's key purpose and organizing principle, a vast range of creative solutions will emerge, led by citizens working towards a common goal.

whole systems health messaging

A holistic approach to WHOLE-System healING


The planet functions as an interconnected living organism. Our health is interdependent with the health of all other parts of the system – with the health of all people, the community, the land, water, air, other species and the natural environment.


Health is our most precious collective resource.


The only legitimate purpose of government is to cultivate the health and vitality of the land and all its inhabitants for generations to come.


Where there is oppression in the system there will be disease. Governance that privileges a part of the system over the whole will contribute to conflict and disease and jeopardize the safety and health of all.


Our current political and economic system is based on a language of power and profit. It is disconnected from life and is having a devastating impact on human and environmental health.


When we put our collective health at the core of our governance systems and policy – we will generate creative solutions for all the crises we now face.


We need to move beyond narrow political interests and evaluate every policy, first and foremost, according to its health consequences to the whole.


Collective Health – means adopting a whole system perspective and recognizing that all social functions - including economy, justice, security, health, housing, infrastructure, education, media, welfare and environment are interdependent. Just as the functions in the human body, social functions are interdependent and must work together in service of our collective health and wellness.


We need to adopt wisdom rooted in healthy living systems and to cultivate leaders with whole system expertise, committed to the collective health. We must hold leaders accountable for the far-reaching health consequences of their policies.

moving forward

The current system of governance relies on secrecy, privilege, manipulation and ignorance.

What can we do to influence the election campaign system and the quality of our leadership?

Raise public awareness

as to the factors that damage our individual and collective wellness and to all that is needed to create a healthy country, heal the damage and cultivate a cultural climate that will enable us to raise our children in healthy ways.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

Create an online platform challenging all political parties and leaders

to provide detailed answers on their positions and their preferred solutions regarding whole-system health issues put forward by citizens.

Ensure real debate

that attends to the whole-system health consequences of all policies.

Expose campaign system mechanisms designed to privilege those with power, many of which obscure and polarize issues and eliminate creative alternatives.

Work with mainstream media

to shift campaign election reporting, help adopt the whole-system health approach and amplify the voices with creative solutions.

Create training programs 

for transforming consciousness and raising awareness among  activists, leaders and citizens.

Ensure transparency of

leaders' knowledge (or lack thereof) of local and global issues, their competencies, past achievements, agendas and vested interests likely to influence their choices of policy.

Level the playing field for all contenders by

working to eliminate inbuilt privileges of the elite and supporting honest and fair reporting.

Initiate a co-creative process 

for developing, promoting and implementing the principles, policies and recommended laws of the Movement for a Healthy Country.

Redefine worthy and strong leadreship as

leadership with integrity, humility, compassion, a broad understanding of issues relating to systemic health and an uncompromising commitment to the good of the whole, and to highlight leaders with these qualities.

unifying forces

unifying forces

Putting health of all as our collective purpose

Political leaders



Community leaders



Graphic artists

Artists, Musicians, actors

Video and film makers




Legal experts




Technology experts

Grass Roots Movements


Draft of the Platform

for a healthy country


We, the people, unite to create a healthy, competent and compassionate system of governance - a system that puts the health and vitality of the land and all its inhabitants for generations to come as its key purpose and organizing principle.

Health is the greatest casualty of corrupt politics and profit-driven politics that violate the fundamental conditions required for life to flourish.


When we focus on single laws in a linear and isolated manner, we are treating symptoms and cannot accomplish real change. Only when we adopt a coherent set of laws and principles that work together as a whole, can we heal and transform our system.


We call for a shift in the governance structure and that all laws and policies adopted and implemented be those that best serve the health of the whole system by taking into account the long term consequences for all. 

We call on all leaders and citizens to adopt this manifesto in its entirety as the key organizing manifesto for moving forward, and to work together to support its implementation.

organizing principles:

  1. The health of our land and all the inhabitants is our most precious resource.  When we put the health of all as our core purpose and organizing principle and adopt a whole-system approach, we focus on what unites us, heal our culture and catalyze healing solutions in every area of life.

  2. The health of the whole generates peace for all. Creating peace among us and in the region, and ensuring health and prosperity for all, requires a holistic, whole-system approach that integrates the wisdom of healthy living systems and thriving communities. It requires that we address the layers of trauma and disease in our human and environmental system.

  3. It is essential we do all we can to cultivate a culture of mutual respect and responsibility for the whole system.

  4. Create root laws protecting the conditions for life to flourish that will replace the endless regulations that unnecessarily burden citizens and compromise life for the power and profit of the social elite.

  5. Healthy governance means full transparency of the budget, the use of public money and the distribution of government resources, and the elimination of covert deals and financial lobbying driven by private interests.

  6. We need optimal citizen involvement through the creation of citizen expert councils to support the transformation of the political and justice system, revise current laws  and advise on best policies for all governance functions.

manifesto policy

Green Economy: 

  • Invest in enterprises that are healthy for the whole. Disinvest from enterprises that damage the whole.

  • Develop local thriving, ecologically healthy economies.

  • Develop and implement solutions for green energy and recycling wherever possible, including training programs for professions that focus on human and environmental healing and green entrepreneurship.

  • Salaries: Determine upper limits of salaries and benefits for those who hold public positions as well as realistic minimum wages that enable people to live healthy lives - in order to promote a fair and healthy distribution of financial resources.

  • Economy and welfare: Transform economic frameworks and the measures - moving from economic measures that focus on growth to those that focus on systemic wellness.

  • Invest in supporting financial autonomy of citizens and creative cooperative solutions wherever possible.


  • Work towards 100% clean water, air and soil – eliminate pollution and toxic waste, ban chemical pesticides , minimize electro-magnetic radiation  and ensure and invest in the protection and rehabilitation of all our biodiversity, green areas and natural resources.​

Education and culture:

  • Educate for a culture that understands the interconnectedness of all life and honors and protects all species.  ​

  • Invest in formal and whole-system health oriented formal and informal education.

  • Support citizen led peace initiatives.

  • Work towards equality for men and women and ensure equal opportunities in education, employment and pay, and educate for respectful and healthy relationships.

  • Schools and early childhood care: ensure free quality education for all, and a healthy ratio of staff and children.

Housing and transport:

  • Create a country-wide comprehensive program for accessible housing and promote community housing for the homeless and for those living in poverty.

  • Ensure efficient and accessible public transport for all.

Health and welfare services:

  • Create a program for integrating the needy in the community and for treating addictions, reducing social alienation and violence.

  • Invest in proactive health services with a focus on preventative medicine and the use of natural medicine where possible.

  • Shift from punitive to rehabilitative drug policies for addicts. Promote education about the health impacts of alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, other chemicals, and addictive toxic food products.

  • Enable the use of medical marijuana together with education programs informing about its careful use.

  • Enable the right of couples to choose home birthing.

  • Enforce zero tolerance for sexual harassment and violence.

Healthy Governance:

  • Accountability. Hold the government, corporations, manufacturers and advertisers fully financially responsible for their and false and deceptive messaging and the impact of their actions and products on people and environment.

  • Justice:  Revise the legal system to focus on protecting the health and vitality of all and to be rooted in compassion, kindness and whole system consequences.

  • Enforce uncompromising policies against all forms of corruption in government, army police, legal authorities and public institutions.

  • Minimize bureaucracy and shift to accessible legal language to enable easy fair and equal access to public services.

  • Ensure maximal transparency to enable the public to be able to scrutinize government policies and the decision making factors, budgets and consequences of these policies.

  • Demand from leaders to demonstrate healthy leadership that is built on integrity, compassion and respect for all.

  • End all political appointments and ensure appointments are made entirely on the basis of professionalism and the commitment to serving the collective good.


Invest in healthy media that is focused on health oriented messaging and healthy cultural role-models.


the virtual platform

Transforming the process and agenda of the coming elections,

laying the foundations for a new healthy governance system

and cultivating a vibrant citizen movement dedicated to the health of the whole.

  • Provides an organizing structure for a vibrant community of activists dedicated to the health of the whole.​

  • Offers a resource center for information about the holistic systems approach that is the foundation for the movement

  • A library of resources with information centered around whole systems health and healing

  • Offers individual, group and organizational membership to enable movement activists to network, share resources and contribute by initiating, leading and uniting projects

  • Accompanies the upcoming election campaign by leading the agenda and providing relevant information about the campaign process and about the leaders and their records, policies and actions.

  • Provides inspiration for change by providing access to best policies and practices from across the world.

  • Provides independent media reporting.

  • Supports activist campaigns that promote different elements of the movement. 

  • Creates a shared public platform where all parties and potential leaders provide are asked to provide detailed answers on their positions and their best solutions regarding issues put forward by citizens.

Example: one policy and its whole-system consequences

join the movement

join the movement

To join or learn more about the movement

please contact  Amit 050-7966503,

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