The world was filled with wanderers, people of all tribes who walked day to night with dusty feet and tired limbs. Their wandering took them through desolate deserts and they walked without complaining, carrying the stories of their ancestors. The stories about crossing ice bridges in the Bering Sea or English Channel mentored them with a legacy of courage, steeling them for every future step. These stories were passed parent to child through so many generations that they created a mythology of greatness for each tribe to supplant memory or witnessing of the events in question. 


One night the tribes people were sitting in their respective huts. There were dulled expressions on their faces as they attempted to rehash the will of their ancestors. They had been carrying these stories for so many generations that the details would change in the telling.

Story 1:  Shift

January 5, 2017   |   Joel May

More, they were tired of traversing difficult terrain and they began to question the meaning of emulating and glorifying their history when their present was shattering. What purpose could they find in continuing to carry these stories?

As they moved out of the huts under the night sky, the stars absorbed their pain until they felt empty. Momentarily, around the world there were flashes of stark white or pale green light and even whooshing sounds overhead. The meteors fascinated them, filling them with fear at first but then wonder at the cosmos reaching out to them. They watched each stone fall from the heavens and found themselves swept up in the excitement.

It became clear. They could leave the old stories behind, burying them in the earth so that their ancestry  could grow like seeds into a more vibrant form. Their collective story would be one of wonder, of discovery, a new story that supported them as they walked and gave vitality to the unknown. They would carry the story of the falling stars as witness to their lives, as witness also to a new pact with the earth below their feet and around them, holding them like a warm blanket as they moved step by step.

Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond . . .

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