Story 2: Torn

February 9, 2017   |   Joel May

It was late spring, 1900, and the sun was low on the horizon as it shone on a clay Burmese road. She was walking the road back after a good day at the market in Yangon province, and she hid the kyat she had earned in the folds of her skirt near her vagina, a place she knew no one would go.

Story 1: Shift

January 5, 2017   |   Joel May

The world was filled with wanderers, people of all tribes who walked day to night with dusty feet and tired limbs. Their wandering took them through desolate deserts and they walked without complaining, carrying the stories of their ancestors. 

Joel May has a unique gift of telling stories from the soul. The nature of soul, whether it be of an individual or collective, is to dig until it finds a core truth and then to apply these core truths to find direction in facing individual or world issues. Typically, as in any journey, achieving the intent of the soul requires taking risks, extending ourselves into unknown territory to garner new experiences that change our beliefs. The collective stories attempt this feat.

We are  deeply grateful to Joel for accepting our invitation to work with Together in Creation to  bring forth stories that shed light on our collective evolutionary path. The stories Joel offers are akin to dreams emerging from the collective consciousness that comes forth for our attention.  When we delve into these stories to uncover their symbolic messages and wisdoms, we discover a rich tapestry from which we can weave our new mythologies and manifest our new reality.

Joel  developed the ability of reading “shards”, or soul path experiences with a message as an art form in 1994 as a direct result of leading design teams and volunteers to create a Denver hospice to honor those we had lost. Among Joel's story clients are authors, screenwriters, cabinet members, heads of companies, film studios and actors, schools, families, and persons living with chronic to terminal illness.  Joel’s honors include Who’s Who in American Architecture,  nomination as state philanthropist for Colorado, Citizen Architect, and the author of a ceremony “ the Beginning of the End of Disease” supported by many religious and spiritual leaders worldwide.  He may be reached by email at   

Storytelling from the Soul of the Collective

Joel May

Story 3: Flow

February 24, 2017   |   Joel May

A thousand years from now, a sculptor will be carving circles of humans clasping hands, each hand weathered by the cold. There will not be enough detail to make out the eyes so their exhaustion will be shown in the imbalance of one person being echoed by the imbalance of another. 

Story 4:  Fallen Icicles

March 8  2017   |   Joel May

“ I was beautiful once,” she said.  

“ I was a woman who drew all the sideways glances, the ones that they thought their lovers would not see.”

Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond . . .

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