Barack Obama - where do your loyalties lie – what will your legacy be?

In a few days the entire world is likely to be hostage to a new US president who embodies all that is corrupt and dangerous in our political system. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will inevitably amplify the current spiral of war, poverty, disease and devastation led by the ruthless corporations plaguing our planet.

The events leading up to this election have exposed the vast corruption and perilous forces behind the election campaign. It has been made blatantly evident that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump primarily serve their own interests and those of the financial powers plundering the resources of people and planet. Neither can be trusted to tell the truth to the American people or to the world. Both have records that warrant serious criminal investigation. The abuse of planetary resources and of the water protectors at Standing Rock is only one of many horrifying symptoms of the system that will prevail if either of these candidates win.

The public has been manipulated to believe they must choose between the lesser of two evils.

Alongside these two sponsored presidential candidates there is a third option deliberately concealed by sponsored mainstream media. Jill Stein of the Green Party represents a different path – one that is dedicated to service and to the health and wellbeing of the planet and all its inhabitants. She holds many of the values that you, Barack Obama claim to hold, and that the world so desperately needs. She is the only candidate that is not sponsored by the corporations. With the necessary support she can catalyze a healing vortex for America and the entire world. With Jill Stein in the White House and Bernie Sanders leading the senate there is hope that a new path can be forged that works for true justice, freedom and equality and puts the reversal of climate change as an absolute priority.

In the face of what has been exposed regarding the corruption of Hilary Clinton and the Clinton foundation – it would be a betrayal of all America and the world for you to continue to endorse her. The gravity of the situation calls for heroic action. The future of humanity is at stake. It is vital that you use your power to take the strongest possible stand against the corruption and shift your endorsement to Jill Stein of the Green party.

The greatness of a leader depends not only on how they use their power in office but on who they transfer their power to. In 1994 South African President de Klerk claimed his place in the pantheon of true world leaders when he used his power to dismantle the corrupt and ruthless structures of apartheid and transfer his power to Nelson Mandela.

The current crisis is the exploitation of 99% of human and planetary resources by the 1%. Climate change is the most dramatic consequence of this abuse of power. Barack Obama where do your loyalties lie? With the relentless exposure of the dangerous and ruthless corruption, will you continue to support the financial elite and endanger the Earth and all her children, or will you transcend narrow political affiliations and align with the future of all? What will your legacy be? Your voice at this time is critical. The media will not give the only candidate with a healthy platform a voice – will you? Your entire legacy depends on what you do now. The fate of the planet at this critical hour is in your hands.

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