"For or against" the Iran nuclear deal - a false choice.

The Iran nuclear deal is not about peace and not about electricity.

The world is being mesmerized by political magicians forcing our focus on a debate of false options, and while our attention is on the debate, they are entrenching a world of nuclear energy and militarization. This is the oldest trick in the book - deceive, divide and conquer. Global attention is entirely focused on an artificial choice. While the sides are building up their camps for and against the deal - the nuclear option is being legitimized and the ecological imperative of denuclearization of all countries has effectively vanished from the discussion.

Nuclear energy is crafted as an entirely legitimate option with the only questions being defined as where, how and who. And the "who" that gets to decide is generally a bunch of technocrats with vested interests. They represent the interests of powerful corporations owned by the super-rich, rather than the billions of people whose lives will be endangered by any nuclear deal. The Iran nuclear deal lays the groundwork for further nuclear deals and for opening entire new markets for selling military products. The only winners are the military industrial complex itself and those who deal in the nuclear trade.

The entire discussion as to whether one can or cannot trust the Iranians on whether the nuclear energy will or will not be used for peaceful purposes is a red herring. Even if the intentions are entirely pure, the idea of allowing any country to develop nuclear energy at this time is horrifying and criminal.

We are still reeling from previous nuclear disasters. Recently we witnessed the 70th anniversary of the American bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, revisited the devastating stories and heard the pleas and warnings of survivors to urgently stop all nuclear development. The ongoing damage caused by the Fukushima nuclear leaks are still contaminating waters across the globe. Nuclear testing in the oceans threatens and destroys life on a daily basis. The dangers of nuclear energy are painfully obvious.

Debating the trustworthiness of Iran or America or any other country involved in the deal is pointless. We have learned that no global leaders are trustworthy in a system that is built on lies. Disinformation is blatantly part of the political system and the corporate system that owns it. Nuclear energy is dangerous in the hands of any country. In the chaotic climate of the world today, and at a time when solar energy is becoming the cheapest, safest and most environmentally replenishing option, it is unforgiveable that we are engaging in details of any nuclear deal at all. We should be focusing all our energy on denuclearization, demilitarization and renewable forms of energy.

As long as we stay caught in the "for or against" the nuclear deal debate, we are colluding with further military spending, and feeding the pockets of those that thrive on building and exporting war, terror and danger. We need to call all our leaders out on this collusion and work to develop and highlight truly peaceful and ecological options. We need to move from deals and compromises about war and nuclear energy to a language of uncompromising healing of people and planet. We cannot let the military industrial complex define our conversations, our energy and our world.

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