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Animals, Plants & Biodiversity

HUMAN the movie

On the occasion of the Climate Conference which will be held in Paris in December, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Jane Goodall are organizing a sale to the profit of the Jane Goodall Institut Thursday 10th of the December at Arthus-Bertrand Workshop, 15 rue de Seine, in the presence of Jane and Yann.

credit: @Dr. Dr. Jane Goodall

The White Lions

The white lions from South Africa and the work of Linda Tucker are the inspiration for the 'Together in Creation' page dedicated to national and global recovery processes. From watching this short film, one can understand something of their own power

credit: Global White Lion Protection Trust

HUMAN the movie

Plants, animals and even mucous membranes ... intelligent, aware, feeling and understanding.

Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond . . .

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