Thank you for your interest in joining Artists for a Healthy Earth!


Artists for a Healthy Earth is an initiative of Citizens for a Healthy Earth (CHE) - an innovative platform for people and organizations who wish to work together to re-invent how we organize ourselves as a species for a thriving world for all.


Redesigning our social systems requires radical cultural renewal and mainstream awareness about the abundance of new stories, models and solutions for the challenges we face.


That’s where YOU, as artists, play a vital role!


Citizens for a Healthy Earth is inviting artists of all kinds to become Artists for a Healthy Earth by co-creating an inspiring platform and movement for whole-systems transformation.

Future Play, September 28-30 - A Catalyst for Transformational Art Events Around the World !


To help kickstart Artists for a Healthy Earth, CHE is partnering with Future Play - a co-creative art & cultural innovation experiment celebrating the 30th anniversary of Amsterdam’s artists community Nieuw en Meer on September 28 - 30. To learn more about and join Future Play -


Sharing Your Gifts for a Healthy Earth


CHE introduces a range of new ideas and content for social transformation and whole-system healing that are ready to be translated into visionary works of art!


Artists for a Healthy Earth are invited to offer creations aligned with the purpose and principles of CHE to inform and inspire our collective consciousness on our shared healing journey.


Our intention is to disseminate these diverse inspiring artworks through our growing global networks and communication channels.


We would love to hear from you!

The art used by CHE will be showcased in different ways on our website and social media, and we will provide a directory of Artists whose art is used with links to their websites and portfolios.


If you would like to be a part of this growing creative community, please fill out this form and/ or send (a link to) your creations at


You can also follow/ join the Artists for a Healthy Earth facebook group for gathering, sharing and connecting creations, artists, collectives, ideas and initiatives aligned with co-creating a thriving future for all life.  


Inspirations for Creations

  • Innovative Concepts for informing citizens about CHE - through painting, sculpture, music, documentaries, posters, art installations, short videos, theatre etc.

  • Design and branding for a range of exciting global initiatives

  • Diverse ways of:

    • Opening & liberating minds

    • Telling the New Story

    • Exposing systems failure

    • Showcasing solutions

    • Inspiring unity and unified action

    • Igniting art for whole-systems healing

    • Depicting the beauty of the natural world



January 1-7, 2019 we will be co-creating the 2nd annual 7 Days of Rest - a global event bringing together individuals, communities and networks dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. This powerful event offers numerous opportunities for artists for share their gifts for planetary healing. Follow this link to check out some of last year’s creations.


Practicing integrity of body, soul, community, planet and beyond . . .

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