by Shelley Ostroff

June 10, 2015

At the end of the day the only viable economic system must be based on what value we receive from the Earth and what value we offer back to her. 

All our resources come from the planet, yet we have created governments as mediators between people and nature. Governments with their corporate links function as parasites, leeching off both  people and planet to funnel resources into the pockets of a few.  There is no healthy value creation or honoring value exchange with the earth whose riches are stolen, abused and depleted for short term gain of those...

June 12, 2014

While we may consider democracy the best of all known governance systems, it does not mean that we cannot invent something better. 

Our democratically elected governments have not only failed to ensure health of people and planet, they are systematically damaging it beyond repair. How is it that this widely acclaimed form of governance, bringer of all good things, has failed so miserably in advancing us towards equality, justice and freedom?

There are a number of phenomena that have contributed to the demise of democracy as it exists today and t...

May 19, 2014

Globally we have cultivated cultures of dependence where the majority is ruled by single leaders who have the power to make decisions affecting every aspect of life. The relationship of people to leaders has been somewhat like that of children whose choices to those in relation to authority are either compliance or rebellion. 

This dependence on external authority is similar to that of dependence on a parent or a God who is expected to see all, know all and invest all in the well-being of his or her dependents. The notion of an omnipotent sole leader...

March 7, 2014

Understanding the ecological and evolutionary function of animals requires moving beyond mainstream scientific language to a more integrative vibrational language. This vibrational language takes into account the spectrum of cosmic and embodied intelligences as well as recent holographic insights as to the nature of consciousness.

The lions and lionesses hold the most integrative and evolved forms of consciousness of land animals on the planet. As apex predators, they have internalised and metabolised all other aspects of creation into their internal...

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