by Shelley Ostroff

July 3, 2014

Humans tend to dismiss as irrelevant that which what we cannot understand from a rational perspective. Faced with the fact that animals do not speak our language, we deny that they speak other languages that may be equally if not more evolved than our own albeit in different ways.

We have claimed intelligence as our own, and in so doing we have functioned in a tragically partial way, dismissing and destroying other complementary intelligences on which we depend. This phenomenon can be captured in the notion that if humans disappeared from the earth,...

July 1, 2014

People have defined and manipulated the environment from a painfully arrogant human-centered perspective. In creating modern systems of knowledge we have separated from our indigenous wisdom. It seems that in our intellectual quest we have lost sight of the possibility that the planet and its species do not exist for human benefit alone.

Humans, like other species, are just a small part of a much larger life consciousness evolving.  We are a relatively recent and immature species that has the ability to impact the planet in powerful ways. So called "...

July 1, 2014

The theory of evolution leaves us with the puzzle of the "missing link” – the idea that a fossil will one day be discovered which will reveal information about human lineage from apes.  If we look at evolution from a fuller relational as well as a linear perspective we may discover that part of the evolutionary mystery may actually lie veiled in the tantalizing phrase “the missing link”. What if the phrase refers not only to a consecutive chain of physical events but to the quality of the links – the relational code – that determines the nature of r...

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